What does a Mathematician look like?

Is there a certain haristyle? Do they carry particular items around with them? Do they have particular hobbies? Be creative as usual the best response receives a reward.

More tiles or more hair?

The point for discussion this week.

Which are there more of; tiles on the roof of the Gryphon or hairs on Mr Lane’s head?

Do the metal panels on the Science roof count as tiles?

Can you include Mr Lane’s beard?

The Gryphon

cropped pic


Which is taller?

Which is taller: the whole Gryphon staff stood on each other’s
shoulders or every Gryphon student’s bag stacked in one gigantic pile?

What are the rules?

Are all the staff stood in one vertical column one on top of the other?

Do we include P.E kit?

How far is 10 Minutes?

I was having a discussion with Mr Ovenden the other day, when he came up with quite an interesting question. How far is 10 minutes?

If I ask someone how far away they live it really irritates me when they say I live 10 minutes away. I cycle everywhere and that doesn’t help me.

Did they walk, drive, skate, fly, swim? Does it take them that long to get their teleporter warmed up so they can beam to school?

Do they have to get over some challenging terrain?

You get the idea.

Give me an answer for how far 10 minutes is. The best post gets a sugar based reward.

Tutor Numeracy (1)


(High-speed photographs by Lex Augusteijn capture the moment a bullet hits a water droplet)


Where did you find maths in this picture?  Did you discuss what the picture could have looked like 1 second before or after?  Do you have any interesting maths based question about this picture?  The best point gets a prize!

Maths Jam Cont.

You have the positive integers:

a, b, c, d

The product combinations are:

ab, ac, ad, bc, bd, cd

The product of a, b, c and d equal (in no particular order):

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, x

What are a, b, c and d?

Maths Jam

So, a few of the maths department are venturing out on a Tuesday evening to take part in a social gathering named “Maths Jam”. Each time they come back with problems for us all to get our teeth into so we decided to share them and see what you come up with…

Missing Money:

3 mathematicians are staying in a hotel room.

It costs £300 for a night, so each pays £100.

Later, the hotel manager realises it should have been £250, so sends a porter with £50 to give back.

To keep things simple, the mathematicians take £10 each, leaving the porter with £20.

So, each mathematician has now paid £90, the porter has £20, totalling £290.

Where has the missing £10 gone?